NEZHNIE Weaver and Innovative ArtistNEZHNIE: Weaver & Innovative Artist, by Linda Rees chronicles the life of one of the most prolific and profound tapestry artists of the 20th century: Muriel Nezhnie Helfman.

Nezhnie's contributions to public art venues, her development as an international artist, and her challenge as a woman, mother and wife are sensitively examined by the author and illustrated in photographs of her work. The book culminates in the development of her most widely recognized project, the seven tapestries comprising "Images of the Holocaust," Published in 2004 by Image Line Publications, it provides a thoughtful analysis of her contributions to tapestry art along with detailed appendices documenting her career spanning 1960 to 1991.

Textile Departments, Libraries, Women's Studies Programs and Weaving Guilds will find NEZHNIE: Weaver & Innovative Artist, an informative and inspirational volume spanning her career from early experimental work to her mature expressions. Nezhnie courageously articulated a woman artist's perspective of culture through fiber art, while at the same time nurturing family ties. It is an amazing story offering insight and resolve to women, fiber artists, and feminist scholars.

Holocaust Museums, Synagogues and churches, and schools will find the text and vivid photography rich in revealing the impact of Nezhnie's contributions to ecclesiastical art and to the Holocaust record. Her direct confrontation of world events through tapestry art became an imperative to keep alive the human experience and profound tragedy of such events.

Additional information has been collected regarding one of the featured tapestries in the book, click here.


Linda Rees has written a compelling and entertaining biography of the artist Muriel NEZHNIE. …Rees give a concise account of the recent history of tapestry in North America and throughout the book she places NEZHNIE's work within the context of what was happening in the greater art world. …She was a prolific and tireless artist and the onset of Alzheimer's put an untimely end to a constantly inspiring body of work. Once viewed, the images she wove in her holocaust series, long remain in memory. –Barbara Heller, tapestry artist. Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Tapestry Topics, Summer, 2005

Rees' interest in the field of tapestry inspired her to write about tapestry and particularly to initiate dialogue about conceptual issues. …Through the publication of this book, Muriel NEZHNIE's artistic contributions are celebrated and may begin to be recognized by a wider audience. –Tommye Scanlin, tapestry artist and educator. Delonega, GA, Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot, Spring 2005.

...It has always seemed lamentable to me that her work was not better known in the fiber world, and I was therefore delighted to discover that Linda Rees has written a book about her. ...Working chronologically through Nezhnie's life, Rees discusses her corporate and ecclesiastical commission work, as well as the portraits and Holocaust tapestries for which she is perhaps best known. The many color and black-and-white images allow readers to trace the stylistic and technical evolution of her work. ...many of the technical innovations that contemporary artists are interested in today were utilized abundantly by Nezhnie, in particular shaped weaving and contrast of texture and weave structure. –Sharon Marcus, Handwoven, January/February 2005

About the Author

Linda Rees has woven for 40 years, sustained by a strong drive to produce work on a consistent basis. Her tapestries feature both graphic and figurative imagery and unique color combinations. Her extensive career as an exhibiting artist, writer for fiber journals, and active member in both fiber-related and community arts organizations has provided a point of reference to understanding the trends occurring in fiber in the latter half of the twentieth century. A heightened awareness of how little documentation of contemporary tapestry artists exists served as the catalyst for Rees to recognize the opportunity to contribute one piece of that history by chronicling Muriel NEZHNIE Helfman's exceptional artwork. This awareness was also the motivation to accept the position as editor of the American Tapestry Alliance newsletter, Tapestry Topics, 2003–2009.

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NEZHNIE: Weaver & Innovative Artist, Image Line Publications
$29.95 plus $5.00 shipping
ISBN 0-9755775-0-6, LC 2004094552.
180 pages, paperback 32 color images, 70 B/W images. Released October 1, 2004.
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